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How It Works

During the week there are approximately 50 slots for volunteers. Some congregations have a different member for each slot, and some volunteers take on multiple roles. Volunteers come from the Host and Support Congregations and are assigned duties by the Volunteer Coordinators—members of the host congregation who oversee the week.

Our Hosts

  • The FP van arrives at the Day Center in the afternoon with cots and the families’ personal belongings to be set up in designated congregation.
  • Guest families arrive at the Host Congregation on Sunday evening and setup their temporary overnight room.

A Safe Place

  • Families settle in and get to meet the coordinators and the evening volunteers.
  • Dinner begins at 6:00 PM.
  • Families and volunteers share the meal together. Parents are responsible for their children and help with the chores.
  • After dinner, volunteers fellowship with families.
  • Hosts and the families complete homework assignments, play games, watch videos, and socialize.
  • Food is available in the kitchen area for parents to pack themselves and their children lunch for the following day.
  • Two Volunteers will spend the night at the congregation. Adults turn in around 10:00 PM; children at appropriate bedtimes. Wake up is around 6:00 AM the following morning.
  • Breakfast is provided at 6:30 AM during the week (typically cereal and other convenient foods).
  • The FP van picks the families up at 7:00 AM.

Day Center

  • During the day families are not at the congregation.
  • FP drivers drop-off families at FP Day Center. From there, children go to school and parents go to work.
  • If the parents do not have a job, they work with the Director at the Day Center to seek employment, housing and other resources to help them regain their independence.
  • The Day Center has bathrooms with showers and other necessities to prepare for the day.
  • Everyone returns to the Host Congregation around 5:30 PM and the cycle repeats.

Family Time

  • On Saturdays the families can sleep in at the congregation and enjoy a hot breakfast (pancakes, bacon, and eggs).
  • After breakfast, the families go back to the Day Center and do what families typically do on weekends—see friends and relatives, take children to activities, etc.

Sunday Routine

  • On Sunday the families pack up and depart the facilities prior to Sunday services. They are taken to the Day Center for the day until it is time to move on to the next congregation.
  • The next Host Congregation begins its week.

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