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Albert Hernandez Honored by SCLN

Congratulations to Albert Hernandez, Executive Director of Family Promise of the Verdugos, for receiving the “30-in-30” award from the Southern California Leadership Network on May 19. Albert’s experience with Leadership L.A. and his 16 years of work with nonprofits led to his being recognized for this prestigious award. In Albert’s own words,
“I believe one important skill a true leader must possess is the ability to listen. Listening to stories and ideas from those who have lead before me. Listening to people — to learn from their experiences — the successes and the failure. I have truly appreciated people’s openness and have learned a great deal from those stories.”
To learn more about Executive Director Albert Hernandez and the “30-in-30” award, go to this link: https://leadershipnetwork.org/albert-hernandez-30in30-honoree/