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Making A Difference

Family Promise is proud to provide updates on two current families in our care. The first family is “Jane” and her 13-year-old daughter. They entered our program late February, and “Jane” was able to find employment within 3 weeks. She is currently working at the human resources department for a local business. After only 2 weeks “Jane” was given a raise and is set up for success. Most importantly, her 13-year-old daughter is still in school and attending after-school program at Boys & Girls Club. Family Promise provided┬áher with the necessary school supplies, and they are both excited to be able to graduate the program once we find the perfect place for them to call home.
In addition, FPV welcomed a family of 7 in the month of March. Before entering our program the “Smith” family was split up. The parents and 3 youngest children were sleeping in the family car, while the older children stayed with their grandmother in a small apartment. FPV is proud to be able to bring the family together and help them back to self-reliance.