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365 Days of Support!

In a years time our CLUB 365 program has increased its membership from 10 individuals to over 70 individuals. The 365 members support our organization with a monetary donation of $1 or more a day. The impact these funds have made are tremendous and vital to the organizations growth. We appreciate all your help and hope to be able to secure more donors to this initiative. We thank you for allowing Family Promise to operate and provide services 365 days a year!

2 Year Members
Dave & Pat Augustine
Vincent & Toni Beck Espinoza
Michael Cusumano
Howard Fallman &
Nancy Kachline
Lou & Miryam Finkelberg
Jenny Smith-Green
Nancy Guillen
Becky Haase
Carolyn & Greg Jackson
Ardy Kassakhian
Margaret Kaufman
Barbara Lazar
David & Alice Lewin
Zizette Mullins
Robert Nicol
Bob & Janice Casazza-Piatak
David Porter
Dorothy Simmons
Lee Stacy
Elise Stearns-Niesen
Mary Jane Weaver

1 Year Members
Anonymous – Parishioner
from St. Finbar
Jake & Jessie Ball
Darrin Borders
Susan Borders
Paul & Mary Brodsky
Alex Bruno
Burbank International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Areta Crowell
Arthur & Paula Devine
David Escobar
Patrick Flaherty
Jessa Freemyer

1 Year Members con’t
Emily Gabel-Luddy
Alfred Garibay
Patrick Garney
Robert “Bob” Goetsch
Lawrence Goldberg
Barry Gussow & Karen Volpei
Madison Hernandez
Yvette Herrera & David Collins
Renee Johnson
Janice D. Lowers
William Luddy
Silvia Mancini
Beth Marcus & Jeff Ring
Peter McGrath
Socorro Oseguerra
Pat & Lauren Patterson
Bert & Judy Pierce
Pat & Ramona Raymer
Katherine Richards
Tanner & Molly Rinke
Nat & Alma Rubinfeld
Melodee Sims
Dan Soderstrom
Jorge & Carol Somoano
Roberta Speidel
Mike & Karen Swan
Korie Telfare
Dr. Kenneth
& Bea Wainwright
Terry Walker
Christine & Wayne Walters
Ian Waterhouse
Chris Welker
Brian & Eileen Wolf
Dan & Tina Ziegler