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CLUB 365 VIP Event

On Friday July 15, CLUB 365 members were invited to a VIP event at the Nickelodeon Studios Hollywood to be recognize for their financial donations. CLUB 365 members are individuals or groups whom donate at least $1 a day to the organization. Guests were treated to drinks, food, and received a unique Family Promise Lapel pin. By the end of the night, CLUB 365 had 25 new sign-ups. Our appreciation goes out to our CLUB 365 members and we are excited to welcome the new members into our family. The following four groups were also honored at this special event, Burbank Housing Corporation, Burbank Community YMCA, Edelstein Foundation, and Walt Disney Company. These four groups have been invaluable in helping FPV grow over the past six years. For more information on joining CLUB 365, and to start donating $1 a day to help end homelessness, visit our website or contact our Executive Director.