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Thank You for the Gifts

Thank you so many of the groups that came together to donate items for our families during the holiday season. Items such as food, blankets, toys, scarves, and more are just some of the items that were donated for our families. A single mother of three said “we thought we weren’t going to have a Christmas this year because we wanted to save money for a┬ánew apartment, but because of UMe Bank and Providence St. Joseph’s Hospital our kids had a Christmas.”

In addition to the in-kind gifts that were donated, gift cards were provided for recent graduated families. Both the Washington family and Linville family are just two of the families who stopped by to say hello and give us an update on how they are doing. However, upon arriving they were presented with gifts that could help them out for the long run. Thanks to Burbank First Presbyterian for there kindness and love.

Thank you to everyone who came out and helped put smiles on so many!