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Families Housed March!!

Howard Family

We would like to congratulate the Howard family for being approved for housing in our new Jerry’s Promise program. The family of two struggled with homelessness after the mother had separated from her spouse– an event that was only the beginning of the challenges that she and her school aged son would face. However, after working with us here at FPV, the family is now living independently in our transitional housing unit and will be receiving case management services during their stay. 

McDade Family – Congratulations to the McDade family who recently moved into a 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom unit at Jerry’s Promise. The family spent three months living in our 90-day shelter where they were able to focus on finding employment, seeking housing and building confidence. While working through our program, Ms. McDade was able to secure full-time employment while her son attended school in Burbank. Special thanks to the Burbank YMCA and Boys & Girls Club who gave this family opportunities to live as much of a normal life as possible while staying in our shelter. 

Rojas Family

Before moving into our 90 day program, the Rojas family was living in their car. The family of three– a single mother and her 2 daughters– had been facing a wide range of challenges that didn’t allow them the opportunity to get back into housing. All the mother needed was time and a roof over her head. Luckily, that was something that Family Promise could provide. While in our shelter, the mother was able to secure day care for her children, secure a full time job, and attend family therapy. As time passed and her 90 days came to a close, she was having doubts. However, with the support of the amazing staff at FPV, we were able to enroll the family into our Glendale Rapid Rehousing program and secure a unit. On March 16 the family moved into their first apartment on their own. The family will work closely with our Housing Stabilizer, Lisa Partida, for the next eight months with the family focusing on taking over the lease. Congrats to the Rojas family!

Sultani Family

This single mother and her toddler daughter had been experiencing homelessness for over a year before utilizing crisis housing support from LA Family Housing. Once the family began their case management sessions with our staff, we enrolled them into our Glendale Rapid Rehousing program. Not only were we able to secure a unit for the family but, once the landlord heard about our program and the challenges this family had faced, they were able to secure donations of furniture so that their new home would be more comfortable.

Rodriguez Family – This family of three, a single mother and her two children, joined FPV’s 90-day shelter in mid – January after having been referred to us by LA Family Housing. The family spent their time focusing on day care, employment and housing, which allowed the mother to secure part-time employment and generate much needed income.  62 days into our program, the family moved into a beautiful home in Burbank. The family was enrolled into our Glendale Rapid Rehousing program and are now thriving. Special thanks to all the congregations that helped this family with shelter and meals. Congrats! 

Hildago family – Big congratulations to the Hildago family, who moved into our Jerry’s Promise transitional housing program on March 1. The family was referred to us by the LA Family Housing organization in November 2018. We worked closely with the family by providing case management and focusing on increasing their household income, and the four are now thriving at Jerry’s Promise