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Sophia & Family Move In

In April 2020, Family Promise was successful in transitioning a family from homelessness to housing. Meet “Sophia”, a single mother and survivor of domestic violence who, despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, found a pathway out of homelessness. “Sophia” had been working closely with the Glendale YWCA in achieving her personal goals. She faced a unique situation and circumstances such as poor credit, rental and employment histories and limited income. However, both the YWCA Glendale and Family Promise provided the family supportive services to get her back to stability. This month, the Family Promise staff partnered with the Glendale YWCA to help the family finally secure an apartment through the Family Promise CESH Rapid Rehousing program. We will continue working alongside the family to help them become financially stable. The process has been a fantastic example of the work that can be accomplished with community collaboration in Glendale.