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NEW: Power of Community Campaign (Highlighting: Logix Federal Credit Union)

Since 2016, Logix Federal Credit Union employees have shown their support of Family Promise of the Verdugos.
“Our first partnership was with the gala, ‘Take Flight to End Homelessness,’ and we were thrilled with the opportunity and the experience,” Community Relations Manager Alethia Calagias said. “Albert (Hernandez) has made it easy to contribute, and he continues to share how far those dollars go. The need is there and the results are telling of their commitment to their clients.”

This month, Albert reached out to the credit union and asked whether they would want to support its new initiative, “The Power of Community.” The monetary donation from this program will go to provide shelter, laundry facilities, showers and resources to families living in the 90-day shelter. Last year, 79 homeless families received assistance. The work will continue this year.

“Logix has given nearly $10,000 to Family Promise (of the Verdugos),” Community Relations Specialist Stacey Klein said. “The relationship that we’ve built is strong. They know what their clients’ needs are and keep their donors connected so that we can help. I’ve been with the credit union a short time, and I’ve already seen how impactful this organization is to our community. I grew up here; it means a lot to make a difference in a meaningful way and Family Promise certainly does that.”

If you or your organization would like to participate in “The Power of Community,” please contact Albert Hernandez at 818.562.7778.