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Family Impact

“The Smith Family” Finds Peace

For privacy reasons we are utilizing a fictitious name.

This single mother and her teenage son ran away from an abusive father, and was forced to apply for assistance from LA Family Housing. With their support, the family transitioned from living in their car and into motels. When the family joined our case load, our FPV staff began providing counseling and created a housing plan. Within a month the family was able to transition into our FPV Rapid Rehousing program and secure housing. With this support the family may now begin focus on financial and housing benchmarks. We look forward to working with them!

Moreno Family Attain Housing – For the past three months the Moreno family has been living in motels and was unable tot reach their goals on their own. However, upon joining the FPV case load, the family began to received support from the staff who helped them create a housing and employment plan. The family of three began to feel confident in their future when the father was able to secure a full-time job and begin to generate income. Soon after with proof of income and with the advocacy our staff provided, the pregnant Mother, Father, and infant transitioned into an apartment near the fathers place of business. The family was enrolled into our Burbank Rapid Rehousing program and is now thriving because of the barriers that are now removed. 

The Howard Family, One Step Closer To Stability – A congratulations to one of our Jerry’s Promise clients who was able to attain a job that has increased her household income. Ms. Howard has been living in Jerry’s Promise for two months and is already hitting her benchmarks. 

Flores Daughter Nominated for Award – One of the teenagers living in our Glendale Rapid Rehousing program was recently nominated for the Carnegie Hero Award. The Flores daughter had pulled a young girl off the street when a vehicle was about to hit her and, because of her heroic maneuver, she was nominated for the Carnegie Hero Award. Congratulations to her for her nomination!  We are proud of her and salute her for being so brave.