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Families Back in Housing!

Perez Family
The Perez Family, a single mother and two daughters, moved into the FPV Shelter in February of 2018 after having lost their apartment and living with various friends.  While the family lived in our shelter, FPV was able to assist the mother attain employment while the two daughters consistently attended daycare and school.  FPV was also able to assist the family move into permanent housing by paying the security deposit. Congratulations to the Perez Family!

Herrera Family
The Herrera Family, a father, mother and 4 year old daughter, moved into the FPV Shelter in late February after having to leave their place of residence because of their being simply too many people in the unit. Once joining our program the family was thankful for the opportunity to live in a safe and loving environment. The father worked 50 – 60 hours per week while the mother worked part time and cared for their daughter. With the support from our team the family was able to move into a new apartment unit on May 1st. This is the first apartment unit that the family has ever lived in on their own. Special thanks to Giselle Valenzuela who owns a property management company and has worked with several of our families in attaining housing.