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Record Number of Families Housed!

During the month of December, Family Promise of the Verdugos was able to assist many families in attaining their dreams of moving back into stable housing.  We would like to congratulate three families; the Bethancourt Family, the Nathaniel Family and the Bruce Family.

The Bethancourt Family, a single mother and three children, relocated to Burbank when their home in Florida was destroyed by Hurricane Irma.  The family came to Burbank in the hopes of attaining housing near their grandmother.  After living in our shelter and receiving case management support, the family was able to move into a beautiful two bedroom apartment in Burbank.  Congratulations Bethancourt Family!

The Bruce Family, a single mother and twin daughters, with the support of our staff and the City of Burbank’s staff, was able to move into a beautiful two bedroom apartment.  The family lived in our shelter for three months during which time the mother was working a steady job and the girls attended school regularly and participated in the Boys & Girls Club’s After School Program.  Congratulations Bruce Family!

Congratulations to the Nathaniel Family, a single mother and her teenage son, for attaining a job and an apartment after living in our shelter for less than 2 months. The mother fought hard each and every day to reach her goals and provide a new home for her and her son.