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Family Promise of the Verdugos

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Our Mission

Mission Statement: To assist families experiencing homelessness in gaining independence by transitioning into permanent housing and employment, with the support of our community.

Who Do We Help

Our services focus on homeless families with children from the cities of Glendale, Burbank and surrounding communities.

How Many Families May We Serve

We provide support to an average of 50 households per month. This figure consists of households in all programs we operate.

Length of Stay in FPV

While FPV emphasizes being a 90-day program the average length of stay has been 54 days and it is anticipated this quick turn around time can be maintained.

Success Rate

In 2019, Family Promise assisted 141 homeless families in attaining housing. This is a 97% success rate.


About Us

Family Promise of the Verdugos (FPV) is a non-profit homeless service agency. Since 2010, FPV has operated a successful 90-Day shelter in partnership with local congregations. In 2017, FPV began a partnership with the City of Burbank to implement two variations of Rapid Rehousing. And, in 2019, in partnership with the Burbank Housing Corporation and City of Burbank we opened our first Transitional Housing program called Jerry's Promise. Through these services and more we provide services to nearly 50 households per day.

Welcome the the FPV Family

We would like to take this time to give you all an update on recent changes to our board of directors. Each July, we thank our outgoing board members and welcome our new additions. We would first like to thank Yvette Herrera for all the work she has done in supporting our…

Family of 3 Housed

Karen and her two boys moved into our shelter program in February 2020. During her time at FPV, she was always optimistic about her future. She knew that, if she stuck to her case management plan, she would soon move back into housing. However, when Covid-19 hit, she experienced some severe…

Dodds Move In

Crystal and her sweet four year old daughter have been living in or motel program for the past few months. This past month, though, the family of two signed their lease. Ms. Dodds recently found out that she has cancer, however, but she states that her faith is keeping her positive….

Hayes Housed

After losing employment and separating from her partner, Ms. Hayes faced several challenges that left her and her two children homeless. Ms. Hayes joined the LA Family Housing program over a year ago and was moved into a motel to keep them safe while case management was provided. It was through the…

10 Year Anniversary Logo

Did you know that, on July 1st, Family Promise of the Verdugos will be celebrating 10 years since we opened our doors? On July 1, 2010 we already had one family enrolled in our shelter. Since then, we have seen hundreds of families walk through our doors in dire need…

Keller Williams Red Day!

On May 14th, Family Promise was the beneficiary of the annual Keller Williams Red Day event, in which Keller Williams offices around the world identify ways to support community needs. Thanks to our close partnership with the Volpei-Gussow Real Estate Group, Keller Williams Burbank identified Family Promise as this year’s partner. Through this unique…

Corrales Family Housed

In February 2019, Ms. Corrales had to stop working due to a physical disability. Already living paycheck to paycheck, her disability income alone wasn’t enough to keep up with her family’s needs and, soon after, they were evicted. Sleeping in her car was something she thought would only last a couple days;…

Rotary Responds!

The recent pandemic hitting the globe has brought many uncertainties and new challenges. Family Promise continues to adapt to the constant changes so that we can continue serving the homeless population. Our ability to make these changes depends significantly on monetary donations like the one that was presented to us…

Sophia & Family Move In

In April 2020, Family Promise was successful in transitioning a family from homelessness to housing. Meet “Sophia”, a single mother and survivor of domestic violence who, despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, found a pathway out of homelessness. “Sophia” had been working closely with the Glendale YWCA in achieving her…

Lubrin Family Housed

Meet Joyce! After living in the Family Promise emergency shelter for two months with her daughter Serenity, Joyce was able to sign her new lease in April, 2020. Joyce grew up in a homeless family herself and vowed to get back on her feet to better herself and provide a…